Background documents for Reykjavik, Iceland
12-14 March 2005 Workshop

The Policy Basis of the "Ecosytem Approach" to Fisheries Management, WR Turrel, Fisheries Research Services, Marine Laboratory, UK (The PDF file is 0.7mbytes; the original source is


2005 poster

Basin-scale Analysis, Synthesis, and INtegration (BASIN) of oceanographic and climate-related processes and the dynamics of plankton and fish populations in the North Atlantic Ocean, A Workshop to be held in March 2005 in Reykiavik, Iceland, Wiebe, P.H., R.P. Harris, O.S. Astthorsson, F.E. Werner, M.A. St. John, D.B. Haidvogel, F. Carlotti and B. DeYoung


Proceedings of the Workshop on "The Northwest Atlantic Ecosystem - A Basin Scale Approach", 21 - 23 June 2001, convened by Erica Head, Pierre Pepin, and Jeffrey Runge, World Trade and Convention Centre, Argyll Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, August 2001. [PDF file, 11.6Mbytes]

ECOBE (Effects of North Atlantic Climate Variability on the Barents Sea Ecosystem)

CLIMAR (Climate and production of marine resources)

ADAPT; on page 42 of GLOBEC report.

Cod and Climate Change Program (ICES/GLOBEC Project)

ESSAS, kick-off symposium

Hall, S.J., B. Mainprize. 2004. Towards ecosystem-based fisheries management. Fish and Fisheries. 5: 1-20. To get a PDF of this paper go to and select PDF

North Atlantic Climate Impacts: International Workshop on Environmental and Climate Variations and their Impact in the North Atlantic Region. September 23 - 26, 1998. Reports of AD-hoc Groups.

Wiebe, P.H. 2001. Basin-wide studies of zooplankton through observation and modeling: Synthesis of North Atlantic GLOBEC data sets. Proceedings of the EurOcean 2000 Conference, 29 August - 2 September. [Eds] K.-G.Barthel, C. Lecherf, M. Catizzone, M. Cornaert, A. Edwards, T. Fairley, C. Fragakis, D. Levieil, E. Lipiatou, P. Martin, G. Ollier, L. d'Ozovville, W. Schrimpf. Published by the European Commission, EUR 19408. Pages 71-87.

The Norwegian Sea Ecosystem. 2004 [Ed] H.R. Skjoldal. Tapir academic press. 559 pages.

REPORT OF THE Third ICES/GLOBEC Backward-Facing Workshop Ocean Climate of the NW Atlantic during the 1960s and 70s and Consequences for Gadoid populations Woods Hole, USA 4?6 May 1998 (report available at Workshops held in 1998)

All papers in this special session are included in a single PDF file at:

"Perspectives on ecosystem-based approaches to the management of marine resources"

Idea and coordination: Browman HI, Stergiou KI

Browman HI, Stergiou KI
MEPS 274:269-270

Browman HI, Stergiou KI
Marine Protected Areas as a central element of ecosystem-based management: defining their location, size and number
MEPS 274:271-272

Cury PM
Tuning the ecoscope for the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries
MEPS 274:272-275

Hilborn R
Ecosystem-based fisheries management: the carrot or the stick?
MEPS 274:275-278

Jennings S
The ecosystem approach to fishery management: a significant step towards sustainable use of the marine environment?
MEPS 274:279-282

Lotze HK
Repetitive history of resource depletion and mismanagement: the need for a shift in perspective
MEPS 274:282-285

Mace PM
In defence of fisheries scientists, single-species models and other scapegoats: confronting the real problems
MEPS 274:285-291

Sissenwine M, Murawski S
Moving beyond 'intelligent tinkering': Advancing an Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries
MEPS 274:291-295

Zeller D, Pauly D
The future of fisheries: from 'exclusive' resource policy to 'inclusive' public policy
MEPS 274:295-298


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