Amsterdam Steering Group meeting, 28-30 January

The Amsterdam meeting is by invitation and will develop a draft Strategic Frame-work, Science Frame-work and draft Science Plan for consideration by the wider BASIN community during 2008.

Documents listed below are intended for download as background to the Amsterdam meeting and to aid with the drafting work:

GLOBEC Report 2: Population Dynamics and Physical Variability
GLOBEC Report 3: Report of the first meeting of the International GLOBEC working group on Sampling and Observation Systems. Paris, France, March 30–April 2, 1993.
GLOBEC Report 6: Report of the first meeting of the International GLOBEC working group on Numerical Modelling. Villefranche-sur-Mer, France, July 12–14, 1993

ESF Report "
Impacts of Climate Change on the European Marine and Coastal Environment: Ecosystems Approach, March 2007"

Report of the ICES - EuroGOOS Planning Group on the North Sea Pilot Project NORSEPP
"NORSEPP focuses on oceanography and fish stocks, and the aim is to promote the use of operational oceanography for biological applications such as fish stock assessments. The latest report 2nd quarter 2007 from NORSEPP is available; more quarterly reports.

Hotel Information:
NH-City Centre Hotel
Address: Spuistraat, 288-292, 1012VX Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
The hotel is located in the heart of Amsterdam overlooking the famous Singel Canal, close to the flower market and the home of Anne Frank. There is a bus stop right in front of the hotel for the NH Shuttle Bus to and from the airport (20 km).