BASIN Science Meeting, Reykjavik, Iceland, 12-14 March 2005
Oral Presentations

  1. Plenary Speaker #1:
    Dougie Speirs - “Mechanisms relating ocean-scale distribution of Calanus finmarchicus to environmental and hydrographic heterogeneity”
    Calanus abundance animation - 50 weeks, surface and deep (video)
  2. Plenary Speaker #2:
    Jim Hurrell - “Climate variability and basin-scale forcing over the North Atlantic”
  3. Plenary Speaker #3:
    Grégory Beaugrand – “Basin scale biological changes and climate impacts”
    Mean number of species, warm-temperate shelf-edge, 1960-1999 (video)
    Mean number of species, temperate shelf-edge, 1960-1999 (video)
    Mean number of species, cold-temperate (mixed water), 1960-1999 (video)
    Mean number of species, subarctic, 1960-1999A8.avi (video)
    Statistical modelling the seasonal changes in diversity (temperature, diversity, correlations & probability, January to December) (video)
  4. Plenary Speaker #4:
    Dennis McGillicuddy “Physical/biological modeling at basin-scales”
    New production and temperature (video)
    Pseudocalanus moultoni & newmani abundance, Feb-June (video)
    Copepod stages, abundance, Gulf of Maine & Georges Bank (video)
    Pseudocalanus growth & advection model, Georges Bank (video)
    New production and temperature #2 (video)
  5. Plenary Speaker #5:
    Svein Sundby - "Dynamics of the Subpolar Gyre and physical/biological interactions"  
  6. Plenary Speaker #6:
    Dale Haidvogel - “Nested Physical biological modeling basins to shelves”
    Temperatures, Atlantic, 4 years (video)
    Sea surface temperature & Chlorophyll, NW Atlantic (video)