Workshop 1
Hamburg, Germany, 23-25th January 2007

Workshop Aims: The first BASIN SSA meeting was held in Hamburg, Germany from 23 to 25 January. It brought together researchers and ecosystem managers to consider and plan the next steps in North Atlantic ocean-basin scale analysis, integration, synthesis, and modeling of biological, chemical, and physical oceanographic data sets. The goal was to build upon previous and ongoing research in the North Atlantic, integrating and synthesizing the results of these programs, thus determining the mechanisms that link zooplankton, fish, and the environment at ocean basin scales. This first SSA meeting had a primary focus on European participation, though were key invitees from North America. A subsequent meeting will be held in the US to explore a similar agenda more fully within the North American research community (see below for details).
Hamburg meeting report

Presentations from the Hamburg meeting:

* Trophic interaction between zooplankton and fish under the influence of physical processes - Jurgen Alheit
* Climate forcing on Calanus and fish populations in the NA BASIN - Svein Sundby
* Climate change impacts - climate/fishing interactions - Benjamin Planque
* Perspectives in ecosystem modelling - Tom Anderson
* Biogeochemical modelling in the North Atlantic - Andreas Oschlies
* Ecosystem modelling on the North Atlantic shelf - Icarus Allen
* Coupling trophic levels and fish (the Eulerian approach) - Patrick Lehodey

BASIN meeting participants
Meeting participants enjoying a traditional
German meal in the Gröninger Braukeller