Open Workshop
Rutgers University, Brunswick, New Jersey
2-4, June 2010

Presentations from the Rutgers Univ. meeting:

Overview - Cisco Werner
Implementation Plan - Peter Wiebe

call for proposals - Mike St. John
WP1: Data Management & Integration - Stephane Pesant
WP5: Dynamics of living resources and their utilisation - Mike St. John
WP6: Integrated Modelling - J. Icarus Allen
WP7: Bioeconomic modelling of N.Atlantic fish resources - Manuel Barange
The BioCarbon Pump - Richard Sanders
WP8: Advancing Ocean Management - Mike St. John

Newfoundland Atlantic Zonal Monitoring Programme (AZMP) Standard - Pierre Pepin
Canadian observational programmes in the NW Atlantic - Erica Head

Pathways of connectivity between the coastal ocean and the Chesapeake Bay estuary: Atlantic Menhaden and recruitment variability - Hongsheng Bi, Houde, Li, North, Jon Hare
Combined effects of bottom-up and top-down drivers on North Atlantic marine ecosystems - Enrique Curchister
Autonomous studies of the subpolar North Atlantic - Eric D’Asaro, Craig Lee, Mary Jane Perry, Mark Benfield, + others
GLOBEC - Chuck Greene
Basin-scale/inter-regional study of copepod population dynamics - Rubao Ji, Cabell Davis, Changsheng Chen, Robert Beardsley
          * Sea temperature video clip (mov file, 19 MB)
Observational Studies of Zooplankton Distribution and Interaction with Predators - Gareth Lawson
Climate forcing of C. finmarchicus populations of the North Atlantic - Julia Levin
From Individuals to Ecosystems: Zooplankton Condition and Behavior at Disparate Scales - Jamie Pierson
Implementation of BASIN Shelf exchanges of mesozooplankton  and the role of the western North Atlantic Gyre - Jeff Runge
Carbon Ocean Biogeochemistry and Lower Trophics (COBALT) - Charles Stock
Phytoplankton - Ben Ward, Andrew Barton, Oliver Jahn, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Mike Follows
Collaborative Research: Zooplankton in the BASIN - Linking habitats and processes across scales and trophic levels in the North Atlantic - Meng Zhou
Zooplankton in Ecosystem Connectivity and Carbon Fluxes - Meng Zhou, Yiwu Zhu, and Mingshun Jiang